So wrong

January 28, 2006

I may have mentioned my obsession with bad music. Unlistenable covers. Novelty acts. Chickens clucking Christmas carols? Yodeling?

Well, this takes the cake. Turn the sound up, kiddies and click here.

It’s a Disney, pop-teen Devo cover band.

Disney has done a lot of lousy things to the world over the years. They take a good thing, like Bambi. And they turn it into Bambi II. Not only do I have to explain over and over again to my deer hunting sons that Bambi is not a doe. I have to try to explain how his father turned into Jean Luc Piccard.

And the commercials keep announcing that this DVD is only going to be available for 75 days. Like that’s not a warning to the world to stay out of the video department for 2 1/2 months.

But Devo 2.0? A pre-pubescent girl, singing “Whip It” is wrong, wrong, wrong. But to sing it in a video where they try to convince me that it’s about heavy cream and an electric hand mixer? We have slipped into an alternate dimension and I can’t look away.

At least not until there’s a Disney pop-teen cover band of The Stones singing “Brown Sugar” while making cookies.