Can I get that pre-chewed?

June 4, 2006

I’ve been enjoying a new KFC menu item: the potato bowl.

The first time I heard the commercial, I was convinced it was an SNL skit, and sat waiting for the punchline. The customer asks for potatoes, corn and popcorn chicken in a bowl. And the cashier asks him if he’d like them to cover that with gravy and cheese…

which should be followed by a snide remark, I think. “Would you like some gravy on that?” she should say, with a voice dripping with sarcasm and an implied ‘you pig?’ But no. They are dead serious.

I tried one. They are pretty damn tasty, if you can get over the feeling that you should be eating one while standing over your sink (perhaps in the kitchenette of a trailer).

But they need a better advertising slogan. How about:

Potato bowls: When you just don’t give a damn.

Potato bowls. In your face, Atkins!

Potato bowls: Because it’s all going to the same place.

Or, from #1 son,

Potato bowls: Where’s the cole slaw?