why I’ll never have grand children, part II

August 4, 2006

If #2 son is going to end up living in the basement, #1 son will have to take the attic. Both kids are back from camp, and I didn’t wait more than an hour or two before messing up their social lives.

We went to the movies. “John Tucker Must Die.” Not bad at all. A considerably better romantic comedy than “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.”

But afterwards, #1 son looked around and said, “I just went to a PG-13 movie. With my family.” (looking down at the fake Crocs on his feet) “In my ridiculous plastic shoes.”

I told him on the way out that he could go again, with a girl, and pretend he hadn’t seen it.

The usher handing out mints at the door thought it was a pretty good idea.

Which is worse: going to a teen date movie and getting dating advice from your mother, or from the usher with the mints?