I’m baaaacck…

September 11, 2006

I’ve been down for almost a month, but the time has been well spent.

Hopefully, if I can remember what happened over the last month, the next few posts will be:

The Cheese family report from Disneyland
#1 son meets Harlan Ellison
Small mammal identification
stupid writer tricks

and anything else I can remember happening from the traveling side show that is my life. But I’ve been eating and sleeping in the 18th century for 3 weeks now, and it will take a while from my brain to get back up to date.

And now, a word from our sponsor…

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I’m leading an exciting double life as a historical romance novelist.

But it seems if you want to be able to say that, you actually have to write entire books and turn them in. My editor’s last e-mail before her vacation, had a very gentle ‘and when are you going to finish?’ tone to it.

I was kind of wondering that myself.

So I took 2 week’s unpaid leave from the day job, kicked it into high gear and got my second book done.

I assured my boss, when I came back to work, that things would be quiet for six weeks or so, because revisions take for—ev—er.

Actually, it took my publisher 2 days to read it and send me the notes for the rewrite (which was due today) and offer a two book contract for it and my next book, which is due in January (and barely started).

So it’s never going to be quiet again.


“The Inconvenient Duchess”
Oct ’06 from Harlequin Historicals
(4 stars from Romantic Times Magazine)

“And Unladylike Offer”
coming in July of ’07 (I think)

And my third book:
working title “A Most Uncommon Thief”
will probably be out in late ’07 early ’08.

Or visit me on the web at


Which needs updating. I’ll get to it eventually. I’ve got to catch up here, too.

And in my spare time, write another novel.