The little plastic thing

January 28, 2007

I am searching the office for a little plastic thing.

I’m not even sure what it’s called.

But if you get an Ipod, and you want to put it into a docking station? There’s a little plastic thing that will hold it in place. I have mine. My son would like me to find his.

His Ipod is over a year old. Since we had nothing to dock to, the little plastic thing was not necessary, until after I got speakers for Christmas.

And now, he wants the little plastic thing.

We have a ten room house, which I do not pick up. It is a big house. The plastic thing is little. This is not a combination favorable to success.

And I suspect that the little plastic thing sat on my desk for months. My desk is as bad, or worse, than the rest of the house. But I clean it a couple of times a year, usually when I am having writer’s block.

If there was a little plastic thing under a pile of papers the last time I cleaned, I would have found it, examined it, and said “What the hell is this little plastic thing?” And then, I would have thrown it out.

Space on my desk is at a premium. I can’t have little plastic things, getting between me and the Death of Rats Discworld figurine, or the three cups of dried out and useless pens, or the little hotel bottle of hair conditioner, that I thought was hand cream and have been spreading on my hands all winter.

Strangely, it works just as well, if not better, then lotion.

But it will not take the place of the little plastic thing, on my son’s wish list.

Considering how much everything else costs from Apple, how much do you think a replacement is likely to cost?