Everything’s a Buck

December 9, 2008

Christmas preparations have begun, and I am out of ladles.

For most people, this is not a problem. but last year for the church cookie sale, I made these things called Cider Beetles. Half a dried orange rind filled with brown sugar and spices molded into an approximate ladybug shape, wrapped in cellophane and nestled artistically in a ladle.

Last year, the dollar store had ladles in red, green and white.

This year, they have black. Life is unfair.

Of course, after you get past the decoration racks in the front of the store, The Dollar Store seems to be having a real problem getting in the Christmas spirit. On the Muzak, there is a strange mix of styles.

The original rendition of The Last Kiss (Oh where oh where can my baby be… 50’s dead teenager song) is followed immediately by “Oh by gosh by golly, it’s time for mistletoe and holly…”

Is it? Really? Because you had me fooled there for a minute.

And what is really weird is that I blogged about this same situation a couple of years ago, only it was a cover version of Last Kiss, followed by Feliz Navidad, and it was on the radio.

Do they only play that song for Christmas now, or is this the only time I notice it?

But The Dollar Store shopping trip was a study in contrasts, all around. #1 Son pointed out the Dollar Store pregnancy tests, right next to the Hannah Montana Hair Glitter. Probably stocked by the same person that programs the music.

I read an article last week, saying that there is a problem with budget olive oil, being secretly thinned out with other, less expensive oils. And that the sort of stuff you can pick up in the dollar store is not EVOO at all, but a diluted imitation.

If you can’t trust the olive oil, who in their right mind would go to Dollar Tree for a home pregnancy test.