A brief commercial interruption

August 26, 2009

I don’t talk much about my writing over here, although I probably should. I don’t talk about it anywhere else, either.

I am bad at both Facebook and Myspace, I cannot get my head around the concept of regular tweeting. And I seem to be setting some new record for non-updated websites.

This is about to change.

Next month, I will be redoing the Christine-Merrill.com site, and generally doing housecleaning to my online presence. No real plans to change this blog. The background might change, but the words will stay the same.

And in the meantime, since I think that people probably stumble into this blog looking for information about the writer, if anyone is interested in book releases:

Miss Winthorpe is out in German now, and will be out in the US early next year (like February or so)

“Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess” is on the shelves in the UK right now.

My first Harlequin Undone e-story: “Seducing a Stranger” will be at eharlequin.com in November of this year.

Three guesses what it is about.

My next releases will be part of the Silk and Scandal continuity that is coming out in the US and UK about the same time, starting May and June, I believe. So my book will be July and August.

And it is titled:

Paying the Virgin’s Price.

There is a virgin in it. And her name is Price. And a bet. Also, Gypsies, curses, gambling… lots of stuff.

And following six months after that, the last book in the 8 book continuity

“Taken by the Wicked Rake”

He’s wicked. And she’s kidnapped. More Gypsies, curses, in-law problems, and the solution to a 15 year old murder mystery.

I think it’s 15 years, anyway. Or 17. Or 20. My brain is in the next book already, and my research is all over the map, because of an unbelievable string of computer problems and the fact that my house and my mind are strewn with back to school and off to college purchase,s lists and bills.

But there will be accurate details as I get more organized.